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In 1995, a divine mandate from God was issued to Bishop James D. Nelson. Internationally known as a lover of people and a man with a passion for God and compassion for mankind, the mandate birthed in his spirit led to the formulation of World Assemblies of Restoration (WAR).


WAR has been in existence for 20 years and has become a progressively advanced, yet spiritually sound organism. With a number of churches throughout the continental United States, WAR has become a stand-bearer for its own motto: “A Militant Approach to Kingdom Building”



As a builder of people and pastors, Bishop Nelson has carefully crafted the hierarchy of WAR to include those persons who share the global visions and aspirations that serve as the hallmark of this great organism.



WAR is not a duplicate of existing organizations; rather, it is the unionizing and solidarity of churches and leaders, many of whom have been wounded from a variety of persons. Within the confines of WAR they can find comfort, consolation, instruction, and restoration.


Whether the task is transitioning to a new pastorate, resolving pastoral challenges, or desiring to maximize an existing ministry, the extensive expertise of the leaders of this great organism can be bought to bear by leveraging virtually hundreds of years of collective legacy knowledge.



With the help of our Great God, and under the leadership of our visionary, and presiding prelate, Bishop Jonathan Wallace, Sr., World Assemblies of Restorations endeavors to remain at the forefront of spiritual technology that will cause us to not only achieve more souls for the Kingdom of God, but to witness and experience a fresh and mighty spiritual awakening in this first half of the 21st century.

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