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Elder Curtis Wright, Assistant General Treasurer

Elder Curtis T. Wright, Sr. is a native of Washington D.C. and is the fourth of five children born to the union of Ketto and Arlease Wright. Elder Wright has served as the Assistant General Treasurer of the World Assemblies of Restoration (WAR) for more than 15 years under the leadership of the Chief Financial Officer, Bishop James E. Foye, Jr. In addition to the national organism, he serves in his local church, New Harvest Deliverance Ministries of Baltimore, as the assistant treasurer and trustee board member. Prior to these positions, he also held the roles of Sunday School Superintendent, Chairman of the Deacon Board, and President of the Men’s Ministry. Elder Wright accomplished his education through the District of Columbia Public School System. After graduating high school, he attended Midland Technical College. To 

enhance his spiritual knowledge, he attended WAR’s Bible Institute where he received certifications in basic and advance courses such as Bible Survey, Homiletics, and Hermeneutics. He is a consistent student of the WORD of God. Elder Wright’s kingdom assignment extends beyond the walls of his local church. He is the visionary and president of The Man Inside Ministry, Inc. that began in 2007. The group meets bi-monthly for a men’s fellowship breakfast at a local Baltimore restaurant. The ministry transcends denominational boundaries to engage men from all walks of life. Significant milestones for some participants are salvation, Baptism in Jesus’ name, Holy-Ghost-filled, while others have accepted the call on their lives. Elder Curtis Wright has been self-employed for over forty years as a home improvement contractor. His business spans from Washington D.C., Maryland, Columbia, South Carolina and Columbus, Ohio. He participates as a home improvement contractor with the “Christmas In July” non-profit organization. The objective is to identify low-income homeowners whose homes are in disrepair. Volunteer contractors provide construction materials and labor for each selected property rehabilitation project. The results of this annual event have helped to improve the safety and comfortability of homes. He is the patriarch of five children, 13 grandchildren, and a great-grand child.

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