Second Assistant Presider

Bishop James Foye, Jr.

Bishop James Foye Jr, was born in Buffalo New York, and received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and began his walk with God at the tender age of 13.  His ministerial career began in 1980, when he preached his inaugural message. Upon his ministerial ordination in 1985, he was appointed to Assistant Pastor of the Greater Apostolic House Of Prayer in Buffalo New York.  He was elevated to the office of Bishop by World Assemblies of Restoration Inc In 2013. He was elevated to the office of Assistant Presiding Bishop of World Assemblies of Restoration in 2016, and currently serves as Pastor of Kingdom Dimension Ministries Inc, this ministry was birthed by He and his wife Overseer Phyllis Foye. Bishop Foye attended and graduated from Jesus the Liberator Seminary Academy, where he gained deeper scriptural insight and developed tools to perfect his ministry. 

Kingdom Dimension Ministries has experienced great growth, with many being Baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and receiving the Holy Ghost.

Bishop Foye is a Anointed Preacher and Teacher, other concentrated areas of passion are relationship strategist, training and development of leaders through holistic, fundamental instructional principle training designed to transform learned behavior.

A consummate professional, Bishop Foye has over twenty years of Executive Corporate Banking Senior management experience, he is a license Investment Banker. Bishop Foye serves on the board of Urban Financial Services Coalition of America stimulating economic empowerment and working to improve the financial condition of ethnically and culturally diverse communities. He is the CEO of Creative Finance Solutions LLC which specializes in creating and developing proactive financial management solutions.

He also serves as Consultant to Corporations, Small Businesses and Non Profit Organizations establishing financial disciplines, wealth mangement, creative funding, Investment and retirement planning. Bishop Foye serves World Assemblies of Restoration Inc In the position Of Chief Financial Officer. Bishop Foye is married to Overseer Phyllis Foye, the Lord has blessed them to travel extensively throughout the United States and Canada preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From this union has come two wonderful children.



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