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First Assistant Presider

Bishop Eddie Ferguson

Bishop Ferguson was born in Ashburn, Georgia.  At the tender age of eight, his family relocated to Houston, Texas.  He attended the Houston Independent School District and became a popular athlete at Houston Sterling High School.  In 1975, he became a born again Christian and turned in his uniform to become a soldier in the army of the Lord.  He was a dedicated young Christian during his high school years and developed a deep yearning for the word of God.  After graduating from high school, he further developed his training at Massey Business School and graduated with honors in 1979.    Ferguson was raised in the United Pentecostal Church under Bishop James L. Kilgore.  At an early age, Ferguson became a Bible instructor teaching as many as two Bible studies a week. Ferguson has acquired certifications in Biblical Studies and counseling and continues to pursue higher learning.  
In 1991, he began a ministry in his home with two people.  That work grew over the years and became the Life Tabernacle Church located on southeast side of Houston.  Because of his persistent passion and desire to serve God, he helped to establish three churches. In 1999, Life Tabernacle joined the World Assemblies of Restoration (WAR), and Pastor Ferguson became a District Elder and later Overseer.  In 2009, he was elevated to the office of Bishop and served as the State Bishop and Overseer of eleven churches in Texas.  In August 2014, Bishop Ferguson was elevated to First Assistant Presiding Prelate and serves as the Chief Operating Officer of World Assemblies of Restoration.  He continues to pastor a thriving church and travels all over the country preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.   Bishop Ferguson is married to the lovely Lorna McCalister, and they are blessed with two sons, Eddie Jr. and Edward Daniel.  Bishop Ferguson and Lady Lorna Ferguson are blessed with seven grandchildren and enjoy reading, traveling and spending time with their family. 

Life Tabernacle Ministries

6948 Bellfort Avenue Houston, TX 77088

(281) 888-3382


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